Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I know. It's not about the VP candidate but about the person on the top of the ticket. VPs are just there for the ride (unless you are Dick "Lord Vader" Cheney, in which case you control the puppet President).

So let's for a moment go with that assumption. The next question then is, why so much noise around Palin?

It is not because of Palin herself, a lite-featherweight at best, but what her selection tells us about Grandpa McSame:
  1. He put "winning first" and "COUNTRY LAST" because he realized that his original choice, Joe LIE-berman, would have gone nowhere with the conservative right-wing (think Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, Corsi). And he also knows that he's putting a small-town (more like a village) mayor from Alaska who just got herself a passport, a heartbeat away from the presidency. McCain is a two-time cancer survivor and not in the greatest of healths.
  2. He is desperate to reinforce his Maverick status by doing the unexpected. The problem is that when the unexpected also becomes the "under-vetted" OR "under-cooked", then that's where a Maverick moves quickly turns into a moronic one.
  3. Again, in order to win at all costs, he is shamelessly pandering to the extreme right-wingers in the Republican party, while he himself is against some of their wierd positions (abstinence only education, creationism and other such nonsense).
How a person at his age can be so consumed by the hunger for power that he is willing to sacrifice his core principles and beliefs just to win, is frightening. That should warn all potential independents that are thinking about voting for the McSame/Palin ticket.

And some closing thoughts on Palin herself:

No doubt a strong characted and a good person but one has to question her judgement to thrust her pregnant teenage daughter into the national limelight (think front page of National Enquirer) just to advance her own political career. Whatever happened to the GOP being the Party of Family Values? I'm not saying that she shouldn't run for higher office at all but just questioning the timing of her decision. And Oh, BTW, she cannot hold a candle to Hillary (or Biden for that matter). Sphere: Related Content

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