Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Yup! That's what I'm gonna call him now, LIE-berman. Because that's the new low that poor Joe has sunk to. Until now, we all thought that he was just a stubborn old guy with an over-inflated ego that couldn't bring himself to admitting that he made a mistake by supporting the invasion of Iraq.

That slowly started changing when he started moving more and more closely with the Republicans. I mean, the guy doesn't have anything in common with the Republican ticket, except for the War. His positions on abortion, same-sex marriage, healthcare, education reform, taxation - they are all 180 degrees different. But then he sets a new record of hypocrisy by going to the Republican convention and professing undying love and support for McCain and Palin. This, after declaring on "Meet the Press" just a couple of weeks ago that he wouldn't go to the RNC.

And the icing came when he criticized Obama for not working across the isle. Way to go LIE-berman!! Is that what "working across the isle" is? Forgoing all your values, your ideals and your positions and shamelessly pandering to the right-wing just because you are desperate to find comfort for your mistaken decision on Iraq?

That is just plain pathetic. I really hope the Democrats win a clear majority in the Senate this November and send LIE-berman's butt packing to the Republican party. With all his lies and hypocrisies, he would fit right in.
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