Saturday, October 4, 2008

McCain concedes Michigan as well as trying to win this election on issues

As was generally expected, John McCain has conceded the state of Michigan to Obama/Biden. McCain today told reporters that he was focusing his efforts in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Ticked off that McCain was conceding Michigan, his running mate, Sarah Palin decided that she was going to do some conceding herself. To that effect, she conceded today at a rally in Englewood, CO, that there was no way that her party's ticket was going to win this election based on issues. Instead, she said that the Republican campaign was switching to a tried and tested tactic called Swift-Boating. This, she explained, involves an attempt to assassinate your rival's character with blatant lies and smear. While intelligent and decent people might be put off by such lies and dirt, Palin said that she is confident that a majority of Americans are neither intelligent nor decent and that this "silent majority" has helped her party win 2 elections in a row. She went on to add that at least McCain has a positive IQ, albeit single-digit - GW Bush couldn't even claim that. Offering even more evidence of the voter's lack of intelligence, she laughed aloud and said, "Listen, if they're dumb enough to believe that I have foreign policy experience because we can see Russia from Alaska, then I'm sure they'll believe any nonsense we put out there.". That, she said was "quintessentially American".

When asked if this meant that McCain was also changing the name on his campaign bus from the "Straight Talk Express" to the "Smear Talk Wagon", Palin said, "You betcha!".

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